Tully Drops (Opportunities) - How to Submit?

Go to your Drop screen in the App or to https://tullyapp.com/drops to see what Drops are currently live and receiving submissions and to check the deadline for each contest.

Drops are only available to Users with a Solo or Team subscription.

Update Your App First!

You will need the latest version of the Mobile App to use the Drop Submission process detailed below. If you don’t see a Drop option on your menu, please update to the latest version of the App.

You can also use our WebApp: https://amp.tullyapp.com/

How to enter

Step 1. Download The Drop Track

  • First you need to download the drop track from your Beats screen on Tully.

Step 2. Record Your Verse

  • Once you have downloaded the drop track, it’s time to hit the studio and record your verse.

Step 3. Upload and Submit

  • When your track is ready, go to your Drops (Opportunities) folder on the app or website:

  • Select the desired drop contest you want to submit your track to:

Enter the Track Name, import your track, and now tap Submit:

That’s it! We will review your submission for the selected drop.

Winners are announced within a few days of the drop close date. Good luck!