Apple's cover art requirements

Apple have their own requirements that you need to be aware of if you intend to distribute to the Apple Music DSP:

  • Accuracy. Deliver the album’s original cover art whenever possible, and don’t use generic art templates. Don’t use art that doesn’t match the album you’re delivering.

  • Quality. Images must not be blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, or have other quality issues.

  • Competitors. Art must not contain website addresses, logos, or any other reference to competitors of Apple Music and iTunes.

  • “iTunes” or “Apple Inc.” Art must not contain the words “iTunes” or “Apple Inc.”

  • Apple Logo or the Term “Exclusive.” Art must not contain the Apple logo or the term “Exclusive” or "Limited Edition" without prior authorization from Apple.

  • References to Physical Packaging or Retailers. Art must not include references to the physical packaging (for example, CD or cassette) or any other retailers.

  • Digital Product. Art must not include references to it being a digital product.

  • Pricing. The art must not include references to pricing, including “Reduced Price,” “Low Price,” “Available for $9.99,” or “For Promo Use.”

  • Pornography. Art must not contain pornography or a URL for a website that contains or links to pornography.

  • Up-selling. The art must not up-sell to another product.

  • Misleading. The art must not be misleading (for example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album).

  • Missing Content. Art must not contain references to content that the album doesn't contain, such as “included DVD” or “includes lyrics.”