What is a collaboration?

A collaboration through Tully App is a way to work on a project with your team in an effective and communicative manner. You can start a collaboration whether you already have lyrics or beats you want to share with the team, or are coming in with a blank slate so you can start building together. 

  • When you, the project Owner, invites a Collaborator to your project they will have access to your lyrics and beats for the designated project. You will also have access to their lyrics and beats.
  • Recordings and the MultiTrack view stays private for both parties.
  • After a Collaborator accepts your invitation, their avatar will appear at the top left side of the screen in the collaboration project. 
  • A black chat bubble will appear on the upper right hand corner of the project, and will turn blue if someone writes a message. Your chat is automatically saved for the duration of the collaboration, but keep in mind that if the collaboration reverts to a regular project at any time, all messages will be deleted. 
  • When your collaborators edit or add something to their pads a small green dot will appear above the person’s avatar. This helps notify you of new ideas. You can easily copy these ideas to your own pad. Your collaborators can also copy your ideas into their notepads. But note that you cannot copy anything into someone else’s notepad.
  • Once you are ready, the project Owner can export the work you’ve done as a team into a mix.